Ryan Mitchell

began design and development on DrawTop while a student at Olin College of Engineering for a product development class. After graduating and still receiving requests for a product that was no longer being manufactured, she decided to develop the project into a full-fledged business in Boston.

Ryan grew up in rural Washington, about an hour south of Seattle, and has lived in Boston and the greater Boston area since 2006.


Erik Fogg

graduated in 2009 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Political Science. Since then, he has worked briefly with the United Nations and then moved on to Operations and Management Consulting. He co-founded DrawTop with Ryan with the hopes that he could help see this great idea take off. He was born in Florida, raised in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and has been living in and around Boston since 2005.


Jennifer "Jenny" Litwin

is a communications and art/design major from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She hails from Summit, New Jersey and moved to Boston in 2008, joining DrawTop in October 2011 as head of Marketing Strategy. She also works as a intern at PullnotPush Marketing.


Emily "Rosser" Rosser

is a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technoloy, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She joined DrawTop in October 2011 and is responsible for most of the production and packaging. She also does Karate and can totally kick both Ryan and Erik's butt.


Do you guys ship internationally?

Yes! International shipping is $5.50 to Canada and $11.50 to other countries, per box.(each box contains up to four DrawTops). If you're having trouble on the checkout page, make sure that you have all address fields completed and some sort of postal code entered, even if your country does not use postal codes. ("00000" works well as a postal code, or whatever number you prefer.)

My laptop is textured, will it stick?

Almost certainly, yes! DrawTops are not static cling, but an adhesive sticker. We stick them on the bumpy drywall in our office, and they adhere just fine.

Will DrawTop leave adhesive residue?

We use a very high-quality vinyl adhesive that comes off cleanly. Ryan, and others, have left DrawTops on our laptops for up to 6 months, and have removed them with no residue, although they have not been tested for longer periods of time. Regardless, your laptop is certainly tougher than adhesive, and any gunk (this includes gunk from other stickers you may have removed before applying DrawTop) can be taken off with a variety of household cleaners.

Can I get a whiteboard for my clipboard/moleskine/kindle/wall/cat?

For laptop-ish sized things, we're happy to create a whiteboard in reasonable dimensions. We've gotten a lot of orders for great, creative applications--just let us know what size you wane it cut for. For big or oddly shaped things, contact us for a quote!

My DrawTop doesn't fit :(

Oh no! We're sorry! We'll send you a new one ASAP! We'll double-check to make sure we have the correct dimensions of your laptop, and if you have any information ("it was cut exactly two inches too long in this direction" for example) to help us get it right the second time, that would be lovely!

I never received my DrawTop :(

All DrawTops are custom-made by one of our finest cutters, packers, and shippers (otherwise known as "Jasso and Rosser") We ship out within a week of your order, although it can often be sooner. We use First Class mail, which means a 3-5 day trip domestically, and 6-10 days internationally. If you haven't received your DrawTop in the above time period, email us: orders@thedrawtop.com

Why the domain name, THEdrawtop.com?

First off, drawtop.com is obscenely expensive, and we'd rather pass the savings on to you! Secondly, tons of fantastic companies start off with "the" as a prefix -- thefacebook.com, for example. Think of it as an inside joke!

Can I get a clear cover, like you have on the front page?

It's actually a regular white DrawTop. The vinyl is sufficiently thin to let light, from Apple logos, for example, to shine through. We think the Macs look pretty good with DrawTop!

Can I just get the sticker without the markers and stuff?

Not right at the moment, no. Sorry!

General Information

DrawTop is owned and operated by Ryan Mitchell and Erik Fogg. If you'd like to join the gang, we're always looking for web marketers, manufacturers, and other intelligent and amazing people. Send resumes and information to jobs@thedrawtop.com


By snail mail at:
c/o Doris Wong
50 Franklin St
Boston, MA 02110

By phone:
(559) 372-9867

By email:
Ryan and Erik can be reached at ryan@thedrawtop.com and erik@thedrawtop.com respectively. If you have complaints, send them to blahblahblah@mailinator.com (KIDDING! We love complaints and we'll make it better! Just email us!) To reach both of us, or for general inquiries, email info@thedrawtop.com

Or by Twitter: